Darren Hansen

Darren Hansen

Coaching is a lot like teaching; in fact, coaching is teaching. Teachers are evaluated not by what they know and understand, but what their students are able to comprehend and learn. Similar to teachers, coaches should be evaluated on what their clients are learning and need to be cognizant of whether their message is resonating with their clients.

At HansenAthletics, our goal is to educate our clients on movement, lifestyle, longevity and the benefits of a positive mental approach. Ideally, we want them to be able to take this knowledge beyond the training space and provide them with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle for years.

In order for our message to resonate with our clients, we must communicate effectively and build a relationship with each individual. In reality, this sounds simple, but humans are dynamic and complex. Each client will likely take slightly different communication strategies to reach them effectively. It is our job as coaches to understand this and adapt to our clients to provide them the best possible experience.

Welcome to the three-part article that highlights our recommendations on how to communicate in a versatile manner.

1. Listen

Can you really start a communication article without the ability to listen effectively as the number one point? Everyone knows that listening is important but it is still grossly neglected. Humans naturally think about their response rather than listening and understanding the message. Coaching requires a lot of talking. We are constantly evaluating form, teaching technique and helping our clients master their movement.

When you are not harping technique, it is time to shut up and listen. Let your clients tell you how they feel. Empower them to communicate by asking strong open-ended questions and then actually listen to their response and jot it down after the session. You will be able to draw on this information later and it will probably help you more than you think. Bringing up a topic that was important to the client a session or two down the road will show them that you are listening and care about what they are saying.

Tune in next week for Part 2!

Raised in Pocatello, Darren Hansen feels right at home coaching at HansenAthletics and heading up marketing at Streamline Sports Physical Therapy. With a background in collegiate and professional strength and conditioning, Darren is accustomed to high performance, diverse populations and accountability. Forever a student, Darren is always looking to strengthen, question and improve his understanding of human movement and performance. In addition, he currently works with clients and coaches across the world through the HansenAthletics online coaching platform. Darren can be reached at 208-569-1533, Darren@Streamlinesportspt.com, or via social media @HansenAthletics and @StreamlineSportsP.