AMERICAN FALLS — One new American Falls business has filled a void that its furry residents have been needing — a dog grooming salon that’ll clean messy paws and tame flyaway fur.

The Dirty Dog Grooming Salon, which held its grand opening on Sept. 14, is a full-service dog salon that’ll tackle regular maintenance such as de-shedding, de-skunking, ear and teeth cleanings, and more.

“I’ve always had a passion for animals, so just working with the dogs and seeing them come in and see the end result is fun,” said owner Cynthia Derita. “It’s like a piece of artwork.”

Previously from California, Derita has six years of grooming beneath her belt. She first worked at Petsmart, then Petco, and then with a friend at an individual grooming business until she took over the individual shop for a year. In June 2019, she moved to American Falls, which she learned had been lacking a pet groomer for years.

“I was thinking, I need to go back to work somewhere but I didn’t know where I was going to go,” she said. “I thought, I could always fall back on the grooming, and the more people I talked to they were like, ‘oh my gosh we could use a dog grooming shop here, please open!’ And so after a little bit of coaxing myself, I got into it.”

Since opening, she’s seen an increasing number of clients as word of mouth reaches new people, and this chain reaction has been great for her business.

“I’ve gotten a really good response from people,” Derita said. “Because they have to go all the way to Pocatello (for the groomers) and then they don’t have anything to do and they don’t know when their dog is going to be done, so it’s great in that way.”

In addition to dogs, she says she’ll take on cats that have been groomed before, and would eventually like to bring pet walking and pet sitting to the area. But she said those services would be down the road after she’s solidified her grasp on the business.

Currently, she’s playing with her business hours to match the needs of her clients.

“I might just do by appointment only,” she said. “But right now my hours are from Tuesday through Saturday 1 to 4, or people can just make an appointment by phone or through the Facebook page.”

For those interested in bringing their furry friends to the Dirty Dog Grooming Salon, contact 208-648-8460, visit the business’s Facebook page, The Dirty Dog, or visit 227 Idaho St. to schedule an appointment.