Cody Averett, 25, and Courtney Mack, 22, both of Pocatello.

Peter Bennett, 24, of Salmon and Elizabeth Jones, 20, of Salmon.

Christopher Bock, 48, and Kristina Croft, 49, both of Pocatello.

Allen Coverdale, 29, and Christin Banta, 26, both of Pocatello.

Jeffrey Covington, 43, and Kathaleen Higley, 58, both of Chubbuck.

Leonard Cox, 52, and Kayla Pons, 38, both of Syracuse, Utah.

John Dunlop, 62, and Kristen Johnk, 51, both of Pocatello.

Serigio Torres, 48, and Rosa Davila, 45, both of Pocatello.

Osazee Erhunmunse, 28, of Pocatello, and Ulla Sayon, 23, of Des Mones Iowa.

Joseph Fisk, 25, and Rachel Wyatt, 27, both of Pocatello.

Bo Frasure, 23, and Emily Hauser, 23, both of Pocatello.

Ethan Groesbeck, 21, of Blackfoot, and Laura Riley, 20, of Pocatello.

J. Ryan Garrett, 40, Alysia Bell, 43, both of Pocatello.

Cody Green, 41, of Chubbuck, Michelle Adams, 38, of Pocatello.

Jeremy Gallaway, 30, and Dezrae Stone, 31, both of Pocatello.

Seth Hatch, 21, and Annalison Ferrara, 18, both of Logan.

Charles Hays, 32, and Courtney Reaves, 35, both of Pocatello.

Anthony Henderson, 31, and Adrienne Garlick, 31, both of Pocatello.

Amy Johnson, 21, of Pocatello, and Erika Phillips, 19, of Tremonton.

Shawn Lewis, 30, and Mckylie Mitchell, 25, of Chubbuck.

David Lee, 39, and Lisa Simonson, Hemmert, 49, both of Chubbuck.

Jonathan Park, 21, of Pocatello, and Nichole Bradshaw, 21, of Rigby.

Joey Potter, 44, and Candice Camper, 44, both of Pocatello.

Joseph Pontillo, 33, and Robyn Fuentes, 32, both of Pocatello.

Audie Rita, 61, and Rocehlle Kaio, 54, both of Mccammon.

Luis Avila Ruiz, 29, of Waterford, ND, and Karina Flores, 18, of American Falls.

Ryan Simpson, 22, and Taylor Finlay, 20, of Pocatello.

Kevin Saffell, 39, and Annaleigh Petrun, 26, both of Lava Hot Springs.

Eric Shaw, 40, and Alrna Pelayo, 27, both of Pocatello.

Gerardo Santos, 35, and Delisia Montano, 26, both of Chubbuck.

Tucker Swensen, 21, and Lexie Christensen, 18, both of Bancroft.

Jose Contreras, 44, and Abigail Perez, 30, both of Pocatello.

Frank Walker, 71, of Nampa, and Linda Price, 62, of Blackfoot.