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2019 “Curb Appeal Award” nominations are currently being accepted.

POCATELLO — NeighborWorks Pocatello is currently accepting nominations for the 2019 “Curb Appeal Award.” This annual award recognizes property owners living in the Whittier, College, Bonneville, Old Town, Alameda and Lewis & Clark neighborhoods, who do an exceptional job in maintaining the exterior of their home.

For two rounds during the summer, property owners from each of the six neighborhoods will be recognized.

Residents who know of property owners or renters (including themselves) who have a “green thumb” or who have a knack for keeping up the exterior of their homes are asked to submit a nomination. The due date for the first round is June 21.

Properties will be judged and scored on a scale of one to 10 using the following criteria:

• Overall condition of property is neat and clutter-free. If fences are present, they are well-maintained and not broken, bending or falling.

• Flower beds and/or flower pots are visible, healthy and colorful.

• Trees and shrubs are trimmed with no tree branches hanging over sidewalks. Trees and shrubs are not dead.

• Property is mowed and neatly trimmed. If low-water landscaping or xeriscaping is used, it is well-maintained and weed-free.

• Little or no signs of weeds present.

• Overall appearance and “wow” factor.

Each winner will receive a $25 gift card from Pinehurst Floral & Greenhouse and will be recognized with a “Curb Appeal Award” sign in their front yard that will be displayed for several days.

All nominees (regardless of whether or not they are selected for the actual award) will receive a congratulatory letter in the mail — even if they live outside of one of the six designated neighborhoods listed above.

You can nominate a resident by submitting an email to curbappealaward@nwpocatello.org or by calling the NeighborWorks Pocatello office at 208-232-9468.

Actual Curb Appeal Awards will only be given out to residents living in the six neighborhoods listed above but all nominees — regardless of where they live, will receive a congratulatory letter. For a map of these neighborhoods, click here: http://nwpocatello.org/services/our-neighborhoods/.