POCATELLO — City of Pocatello utility billing customers are now able to take a deep dive into their water consumption data.

Recently, the city began utilizing WaterSmart. The software platform allows customers to see information about their water usage, such as average gallons used per day, historical use over a two-year period and more. Customers are able to see estimated use from household water fixtures and appliances as well as access money-saving tips that will help residents conserve water and their cash. Customers can also input information about their home, and WaterSmart will provide customized advice depending on possible sources of water usage.

“WaterSmart provides our customers with detailed information regarding their water usage via mobile device or a web browser 24/7,” said Cindy Robbins, Utility Billing director. “The software also helps customers better manage their accounts by setting alerts and notifications about water consumption.”

In addition to the information, customers can also sign-up for alerts that will let them know when there will be service interruptions and when possible leaks are detected. They can also send a message to Utility Billing staff through WaterSmart if they have a question about their bill.

“We are excited about the customer service capabilities that this software will provide,” said Justin Armstrong, Water Department superintendent. “It allows us the opportunity to engage our customers by providing them with better statistical information of how they utilize their water throughout the year and ideas of where they may be able to conserve.”

To register for WaterSmart, visit pocatello.watersmart.com. Customers will need their account number to register.

For more information on the City of Pocatello Utility Billing Department, visit pocatello.us/353/Utility-Billing.

More on the Water Department can be found at pocatello.us/water.