Devon & Ice Cube 2021

Chairman Devon Boyer and Ice Cube.

FORT HALL — The Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel hosted a sold-out Ice Cube concert July 23 in Fort Hall. Chairman Devon Boyer, along with Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel CEO Ray Barlow, officially greeted Ice Cube and his entourage with a cultural welcome and gift. Ice Cube graciously accepted a Shoshone-Bannock beaded wallet with a Sacajawea dollar coin inside and a Shoshone-Bannock logo beaded medallion courtesy of the Donzia Gift shop.

Chairman Boyer stated: “I was very pleased to meet and briefly talk with Ice Cube and welcome him to our reservation. Besides the beaded wallet and medallion, I also gave him a blanket and bag from Derek No-Sun Brown War Medicine merchandise and invited him to visit Fort Hall again. He said he would love to return back.”

Ray Barlow stated: “We sold over 2,900 tickets and had all hands on deck with our staff. To assist with the concert, we hired an additional 27 people from a hiring event we hosted the week before the concert. Overall, our property did very well in food and sales, and we will work on improving a few things that we noticed after the fact, but overall, we are very satisfied with how well the concert went.”

Both Boyer and Barlow agreed that Ice Cube and his staff were very friendly to everyone at the hotel and provided a few autographs. Councilman Roland Marshall was at the hotel earlier on July 23 with his beaded medallion of the LA Raiders, and one of Ice Cube’s staff saw the beadwork and was very impressed with the medallion and was able to get Ice Cube to autograph the back of the medallion.

Marshall stated, “I was surprised Ice Cube signed it.”

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