American Falls J R Simplot Elementary School

From left: Troy Lindvent (business representative on the advisory board from Lamb Weston), ISU professor Wendy Ruchti, principal Chris Torgesen, teacher Michelle Anderson and superintendent Randy Jensen.

AMERICAN FALLS — American Falls J.R. Simplot Elementary School has been awarded the prestigious STEM School Designation by the Idaho STEM Action Center. The school was presented with a $10,000 check as part of the designation, presented by John McFarlane, partnership program coordinator. Additionally, the school will receive a $10,000 check each year for the next six years.

The STEM School Designation, based on the criteria of the 10 Cognia STEM School Standards, aims to recognize schools or programs that provide high-quality, interdisciplinary and multi-grade STEM education. This designation emphasizes the importance of incorporating real-world practices of STEM professionals into the learning experience. By engaging in interdisciplinary learning models, students at American Falls J.R. Simplot Elementary School have the opportunity to make connections between various disciplines and deepen their understanding of STEM concepts. They also learn to apply their knowledge across different subject areas and real-world contexts, enhancing their learning experiences.

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