Margo LaMont

Margo LaMont

POCATELLO — Alameda Middle School teacher Margo LaMont is the recipient of February’s Employee of the Month P.I.E.S. Award.

The Pocatello-Chubbuck School District 25’s Employee-of-the-Month P.I.E.S. award recognizes employees who positively influence educational success. The award is for employees who go above and beyond in that effort.

Mrs. LaMont was nominated by a fellow teacher, Mr. Trent Merica.

In his nomination letter, Mr. Merica wrote, “Margo LaMont is an amazing educator that has been a wonderful addition to AMS. Margo came to AMS from Ellis and brought with her the love and compassion of an elementary teacher. Margo is a very caring and thoughtful educator and her learners know this.

“As this year has gone on, I have watched as the relationships between her and her learners have grown. It is easy to see that Margo brings so much more to our AMS learners’ lives than just math! Every learner that passes by her door is greeted warmly and with a true (sense) of care. She has also became a trusted adult that our learners rely on when in need.

“Many a days Margo has taken home the stresses and trials our learners face, in and out of school, home with her at night. Each situation Margo gives the learners attention, empathy, and care. So many of our learners need this. I just felt that after the week our school community has had, educators like Margo are truly astonishing human beings and we do not recognize them enough!”

Mrs. LaMont received a $50 gift card from our educational partner for this award, Lookout Credit Union, formerly ISU Credit Union.