MALAD — Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, is not a mere day when you wake up in the morning and do your usual daily activities. It is a day that upholds the opportunity to celebrate love, passion, affection or admiration with a special person in your life. Valentine’s Day is a special day everyone wishes to celebrate in the best special way, in a special location, at a special time and with a special someone. The holiday provides opportunities for many people to get to give flowers, cards, chocolate, letters and other significant gestures to individuals who are important in one’s life. For centuries now, sending flowers and other amazing Valentine’s gifts has been a way of expressing love and admiration towards those individuals who play or have played a significant role in one’s life.

The beauty of flowers reminds us of our very own existence and what it really means to be alive. When long-term care facilities locked down in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no one imagined the doors would be closed to visitors for nearly a year. While many facilities are doing their best to maintain safety and a sense of connection for residents, families on the outside state the isolation for their loved one’s has been, and in some instances, continues to be, unbearable.

In an attempt to acknowledge those in long-term care during these difficult times, Edith’s Collective is providing fresh floral arrangements for those residents in Oneida County Hospital. “Through an anonymous donor, we wanted to extend our love and admiration leading into Valentine’s Day to those who may be struggling during these difficult times,” states Kelley Neal, proprietor of Edith’s Collective. “These hand-crafted floral arrangements will let residents know that they are loved, admired and respected by their loved ones, as well as the greater Malad community. Many of these people have been the leaders who forged opportunities for us to follow in their footsteps so we can enjoy the quality of life we admire in our community. We just want to show our love and admiration.”

Fresh floral arrangements were delivered Thursday.