Van Horn, Leah

School: Pocatello High School

Future plans: She will be attending Idaho State University in the fall to complete her pre-pharmacy requirements. Then she hopes to attend Oregon State University’s pharmacy college.

Accomplishments: She was a member of National Honors Society and graduated with high honors,

Extracurriculars: Leah participated in tennis, bowling, colorguard, soccer, dance, piano, and junior civitan throughout high school.

Favorite memory: Her favorite memory is the first day of school her senior year when her and the rest of the Indianettes broke their arrows and the senior class ran around them.

Advice to future generations: Always cherish your time in high school. Attend football games, school plays, basketball games, all of it. Get involved. Play sports, join clubs, make friends. If you play a sport or are a member of drama or band, whenever you take the field, court, or stage, always give it 100% at treat it as your last time performing or playing.

Parents' names: Ted and Kori Van Horn