Idaho Power for 3/4

Lennis Hall, hydro specialist with Idaho Power, uses a working scale model to explain how the Swan Falls Dam hydro electric plant uses the natural flow of the Snake river to generate electricity, Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018.

BOISE — Idaho Power customers can expect to see a slightly lower bill this summer.

On June 1, an overall 0.65% rate decrease was implemented, as it was approved by the Public Utilities Commission. The decrease will equal roughly 59 cents for the average residential customer, according to a news release from the Public Utilities Commission.

The decrease is composed of four separate increases and decreases in rates by the company.

Idaho Power rates fluctuate based on a number of tools used by the company.

The Fixed Cost Adjustment is a tool that adjusts costs based on customer energy use over the course of a year. This year, the adjustment increased by 3.64%.

However, another tool used by Idaho Power, the Power Cost Adjustment, decreased by 3.49%.

The Power Cost Adjustment looks at fuel costs and fuel sales and adjusts rates accordingly.

Idaho Power also proposed a slight increase in rates from its closure of the Valmy Power plant in Nevada, which amounted to a 0.11% increase.

The company also proposed a fourth rate adjustment to the Public Utilities Commission, a decrease in the Energy Efficiency Rider. This tool helps pay for varied management programs, according to Idaho Power.

The rate went down from 3.75% to 2.75%, according to the news release.

Altogether, the increases and decreases amounted to an overall decrease in rates from residential customers.