ST. ANTHONY − Soda Vine has arrived in St. Anthony and their new location is having a grand opening on Thursday.

Robyn and Eric Eastin are the owners of SodaVine in Rexburg as well as the new SodaVine at the Lube Bay. They will hold a grand opening for their St. Anthony location on June 6. They are open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The grand opening falls on the Rexburg SodaVine’s fifth anniversary as well as Robyn Eastin’s birthday. She said that they plan to keep both locations open.

“I wanted to expand and share the love and happiness that SodaVine brings,” Robyn Eastin said. “I grew up in Newdale and I learned to love St. Anthony. I used to ride my horse in the rodeo and in the parades. I was familiar with the city and thought it would be a fun addition to the town and I just love the people in St. Anthony.”

She said their new location has some indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a drive through that goes through the old Lube Bay building, formerly owned by Bob Bauer.

“We wanted to keep some of the memories alive and wanted to keep the historical part of the building preserved,” Robyn Eastin said. “So that’s why I kept the sign on the front of the building and the street sign.”

She said the drinks and treats at their new St. Anthony location will be the same as those at the Rexburg SodaVine.

“A lady came in the other day and said ‘thank you for coming, I love my town and I love what you’re doing to my town,’” Robyn Eastin said.

Robyn Eastin said the idea for the Sodavine business came from a need to show her students what a commercial kitchen looked like.

She’s owned Snoasis in Rexburg for 14 years and wanted another venue, an expansion of the Snoasis in a way. As a culinary and food science educator at Madison High School, she wanted to have a place to take her students to teach them food safety and sanitation.

The name for Sodavine came from a saying she said often with her family while fishing or hanging out during outings, “it’s so divine.”

“[SodaVine] comes from something I love to do,” Robyn Eastin said. “I love working with people and trying out new recipes and formulas, creating food items that I love and my family loves.”

Many of the drinks at SodaVine are named after friends and family members, for example the Wanna Wanda is named after Robyn Eastin’s mother. The Hey Jude is named for her sister Judy, and the Rockin Robin is named after herself.

Eric Eastin spent many years working at Basic American Foods before moving on to help his wife at Sodavine.

“I’m supposedly retired,” he said.

Now he is in charge of making Sodavine’s many products, from italian ice to custard. He also acquires many of their supplies, handles payroll and helps with the occasional maintenance work.

He said all of the their italian ice has real fruit. It’s handmade with real oranges, lemons, raspberries, strawberries and more. He said the only flavors that aren’t natural fruits is the tiger’s blood and root beer.

When asked about the new St. Anthony location, he said it was great.

“It’s unique, the building itself is an old fashioned building and it makes it look really unique,” Eric Eastin said. “Of course, having a drive through going through the Lube Bay that’s certainly unique.”