Luella’s Food Truck

Luella’s food truck owner Alex Gillette serves customers Kaedyn Thompson and Mason Thompson on Feb. 24

BURLEY — Fresh ingredients pared with original recipes are keeping some Mini-Cassia residents waiting in line outside Luella’s breakfast and lunch food truck.

Owner Alex Gillette opened the truck in April 2018 as a way to take her job with her on the road as she traveled with her boyfriend. But after the couple split, Gillette found a permanent home — 334 E. Main St. — and a permanent following of customers.

This was Gillette’s first winter keeping the food truck, which she named after her great grandmother.

Mason Thompson of Burley eats at the truck nearly every day.

“The breakfast burrito is the best thing I’ve ever had,” Thompson said. “But I like to mix it up every once in a while with the outlaw hash. It’s the best breakfast food I’ve had; she’s a good cook. It’s obvious that she likes what she does and when you like what you do, you do a better job. She cares what it tastes like.”

Thompson said he doesn’t mind standing in line at the food truck and “kind of likes” not having to go in to a restaurant.

“We always tell her she should charge more. That’s how good it is,” Thompson said.

For lunch options, he usually orders a turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich or a smash burger, which comes with mayonnaise-based secret sauce.

The outlaw hash comes with a country-sized portion of hash browns and eggs along with breakfast meat. Some customers come for lighter fare like avocado toast.

Gillette prepares her dishes from scratch with fresh foods.

Kortni Snedaker, of Springdale, said she also likes to order the hash.

“Her food is just really good,” Snedaker said, “I’ve also had the breakfast sandwich.”

Kaedyn Thompson, Mason’s brother, prefers the breakfast sandwiches.

“I just love them because they taste freaking amazing,” Kaedyn Thompson said.

While the breakfast selections are pretty standard, with Thursdays and Fridays earmarked for biscuits and gravy, the lunch menus change daily and include options like taco Tuesday, where diners can enjoy her “famous” shrimp tacos or tacos made with pork, chicken or steak.

Her smash burger has become very popular and is made with fresh ground beef, which is formed into patties and smashed into the grill until it develops “a crispy crust,” she said.

The secret sauce must stay a secret, but is sweet with “a pinch of spice,” she said.

Other enticing menu items are chicken fajita in a pita and chicken tinga taquitos, fried rice and she offers different soups depending on the day.

“I think a lot of the dishes are just things people don’t always make at home,” Gillette said. “My concept is going for the home cooked fresh foods using original recipes. The only thing that I offer that was frozen is obviously the shrimp.”

Gillette, a self-taught cook, never worked in the restaurant industry.

“I just have a passion for cooking and I like it when people enjoy my food,” Gillette said. “I definitely have customers that come every day.”