Editor’s note: Throughout 2021, we’ll be interviewing some local professionals to learn about their challenges, and how they have created successful advertising campaigns to meet their goals. 

Every day, our multimedia account representatives here at the Adams Publishing Group papers in East Idaho are helping dozens of business owners and managers execute successful marketing campaigns. We asked some of these marketing professionals what advice they have for local advertisers. Here’s what they had to say:

Dare to be different

Be sure your marketing message emphasizes what sets your business apart from your competition. We hosted some advertising workshops in the past and when we asked local clients what sets them apart, most told us they provided great customer service, convenient locations and the best prices. While usually true, those points aren’t unique. I like to ask clients, "What is the best-kept secret about your business? What would surprise and delight our readers?" It could be a special product or service you provide — like did you know you can buy Speed Queen washers and dryers at Romaine’s, and MarCellar’s carries a good variety of canned beers perfect for camping and float trips? Make your message memorable.

— Tom Farrer, senior multimedia advertising representative

Focus on the problem you solve

Too often, business owners or marketing managers want to talk about themselves and what they offer when they should be looking at things from their potential customer’s perspective. Customers don’t care what you sell; they care about what’s in it for them. Tell them how your product or service will improve their life. A great example is one of my newer clients, Pic-n-Go. For their new campaign, their message was: Don't let your digital photos get lost in the cloud. Print those photos! Then frame to display or put the prints in photo books, so you can share with family and friends, and enjoy them every day.

— Lindsay Hackett, multimedia advertising representative

Embrace digital

Believe it or not, about half of our readers in Idaho Falls are accessing our content online. If your business is advertising only in print, you are missing 50 percent of our daily audience. That is a lot of eyeballs. I encourage clients to include a digital tactic such as banner ads, email blasts, paid search or social media along with print. We offer very affordable options, and it generates a lot of bang for the buck. A great example of a client who uses digital to expand their reach is Idaho Public Television.

— Carlee Poliski, multimedia advertising representative

Target precisely

Digital ads give you that ability. Carlee’s client mentioned above, Idaho Public Television, focuses on the audience segment they want to reach with particular ads: parents of school-aged children for their educational programming and affluent adults during fundraising periods. Digital advertising allows marketers to target their ideal customer, based on the customers’ location, age, interests and more.

— Javier Martinez, multimedia advertising representative

Consistency is key to advertising

Consistency keeps your business top of mind with your potential customers. The customer might not need your product or service the first time they see your advertisement — or even the second, or 10th time. But if you are doing a good job keeping your brand visible and relevant, when the day comes that the customer is ready to buy, they will remember your business. Many of my Farm & Ranch advertising clients, including Farm Bureau Insurance and Golden West Irrigation, know this — they advertise on a consistent weekly or monthly basis, year in and year out.

— Robin Witbeck, Farm & Ranch advertising manager