POCATELLO — What do colorful clothing, leatherwork, candles, photography, tile work, bralettes and candy have in common?

They are all sold by a group of vendors inside Station Square at 200 S. Main St., Suite Q, in Historic Downtown Pocatello.

Led by Kay Montoya, Kirksel Bird, Kristina Neubauer, Kimberly Penrod and CherRae Penrod, owners of A Family Affair Candle Company, a variety of different products are offered here.

Jacklin Welker and Tammy Cleveland of JT Rainbow Couture offer leatherwork, mugs and resin work. David O’Riordan sells unique photographs from areas such as Ireland, Heidi’s Personalizations offers personalized items such as glass tiles, aprons, and yard signs. A Family Affair Candle Company sells candles, curvy swimsuits, candy and bralettes.

The vendors met about a year ago at the Flyin’ Hawaiian Flea Market, and they opened their storefront together in November 2020. With their large variety of products, they are sure to have something for everyone.

A Family Affair Candle Company makes their candles out of soy wax and reusable containers. They are made in Pocatello. Both Bird and Welker explain that each one has a ring inside of them. These rings are made of a variety of different metals including .925 sterling silver and rose gold. Customers are attracted to the candles by their delightful scents, many people coming in just to catch a whiff of them. They have fifty different scents and even some unscented ones. The leatherwork is made by Allan Cleveland, the father of JT Rainbow Couture’s Jacklin Welker and husband of Tammy Cleveland.

The vendors also offer a wide variety of clothing. These include tie-dyed shirts and dresses. They offer a plus-size selection as well. The clothing is brought in from multiple different vendors across the world, including India. Welker recounts many times when she and customers have received compliments for the colorful outfits they sell, and this has attracted more attention to the business.

The small business has lived through the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite opening at this time, the pandemic did not make running the business difficult. In a time when there were not many events, “people wanted to get out,” Welker said. “(They) want to see stuff.”

Of course, they have been challenged in ways that many small business owners are. During their brief time in business, they have experienced slow and busy times. Fortunately, customers are attracted to their shop by their brightly colored products.

Welker believes that the best part of her business is meeting new people. She encourages new customers to come to the shop and look at their products. They always have new products available that they are excited to bring to customers. Montoya also explains that they are always looking for new vendors as well. They are passionate about bringing unique products to a small town such as Pocatello.

On a busy street downtown, customers are first drawn to the storefront by the window display. Swimsuits, summer dresses and an inflatable swimming pool adorn this window in a celebration of summer. The candles are on display in shelves decorated with adorable stuffed animals and Christmas lights. Tapestries with various patterns brighten the walls. The floors sparkle like thousands of glittering diamonds. The air is sweet from the aroma of the candles.

The storefront is open from 2 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. The storefront is closed on Sundays. The vendors can each be found on Facebook.