Pours & Fores

Patrons hang out at Pours & Fores, an indoor golfing facility located at 216 Idaho St. in American Falls.

AMERICAN FALLS — While snow and slush may currently be blanketing the fairways, a new business in town is providing golf lovers the opportunity to pick up their clubs and hit a hole-in-one in spite of the cold weather.

Pours & Fores, an indoor golfing facility that opened in mid-November at 216 Idaho St. in American Falls, offers a wide variety of golfing activities through its TrackMan Golf simulators that anyone — from the avid golfer to the occasional putter to the complete novice — can take a swing at.

“This is a great place if you’re an avid golfer to keep swinging through the winter,” said Gordy Brown, one of six owners of the new business. “In addition to being year round, there’s a lot of data and analytics that you can do with the simulators that can help your game improve. So for avid golfers, being able to utilize that without having to go out to the driving range or chase your ball all over, this is a perfect venue for that.”

Gordy Brown

Gordy Brown is one of six owners of the new indoor golfing facility, Pours & Fores, which opened in mid-November in American Falls.

The simulators also provide the chance for newer golfers to test and grow their skills in a smaller, private environment. Customers can choose from over 100 major Professional Golfers Association courses to test their abilities, and families can bring their children and play games that anyone of any skill level can enjoy.

“If you really want to improve, this is the place to do it,” Brown said. “This is a great place to learn … with the added bonus of not having to chase the ball around. (You can) work on things, practice and get lots of swings in. For people that don’t want to golf, this is also just a great hangout spot. It’s the only smoke-free place you can come in and enjoy a beer in town.”

Brown explained they’ve seen great reception and interest so far, as they’ve been able to draw from the large golfing community in American Falls. They’ve attracted out-of-town interest, too, and have seen golfers from Twin Falls, Pocatello and Blackfoot trickle in to try the new simulations.

“It’s been great and super busy,” he said.

The business’s interior was designed with entertainment in mind. The building — which sat vacant after being used as a doctor’s office, an attorney’s office and title company in the past — was stripped down to its hardwood floor and given a fresh coat of coal-black paint on its walls.

Golf simulator

Gordy Brown, who co-owns Pours & Fores in American Falls, practices his swing on a golf simulator at the business.

Garage doors replaced the front outer walls, which can be opened during the summer for more entertainment space, and a lounge was added to the back where anyone 21 years of age and older can use the self-pour bar to try tap beers and wine options.

And while they don’t serve food beyond purchasable snacks and beverages — something Brown explained they might approach in the future — they do allow outside food to be brought in.

All these details orbit the two golfing bays where the simulators rest, with each bay system accommodating up to eight people. The cost is $40 per bay by the hour, Brown explained, although the price decreases after the first hour. They offer punch passes at $300 for 10 hours or $400 for 15 hours of play.

The business also installed four 70-inch televisions that feature the NFL Sunday Ticket and major sports channels for those interested in swinging by to relax at the lounge.

“So any of the out-of-market games, people can come hang out to watch,” Brown said. “If you’re not golfing, it’s fine. People can come just to hang out, and it’s very family friendly. Parties, birthday parties, corporate parties … it’s a good venue for that.”

Pours & Fores has also started to work with local schools and their golf teams on providing a warm, dry location for students and athletes to work on their skills during the winter season.

As for gear, Brown said equipment is available for those who don’t have any, although it’s preferred that golfers bring their own clubs. He encourages people to book a bay by visiting the website, www.poursandfores.com, but they can also call 208-644-3673. Merchandise such as sweatshirts, glass mugs and more are available for purchase at the business.

Pores & Fores is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Visit their Facebook page Pours & Fores for announcements about leagues, game nights and more.