Taco Time set to re-open in Blackfoot on Friday (copy)

Richard Santillan, left, and Jake Whiting are set to share manager duties when Taco Time reopens in Blackfoot on Friday.

BLACKFOOT — Relax, Blackfoot residents: Taco Time is not going anywhere. The current franchise, which is celebrating its 60th year in Blackfoot, is going to reopen with new managers and a new owner on Friday.

To celebrate this new beginning, Taco Time will be offering a one-day special on Friday: crisp bean burritos and crisp tacos for 99 cents to honor the commitment to excellence that has long been standing in the Blackfoot area.

Richard Santillan and Jake Whiting are taking over the management duties of the local Taco Time and ensure that the tradition “A different way to do things” will carry on.

All food and preparation at Taco Time is done with fresh ingredients, and they even fry their own taco shells every morning before opening the restaurant.

“We get here at 6 a.m. in order to make sure that everything is fresh and made daily,” Santillan said. “We take great pride in being able to provide good, fresh food to our customers.”

Most of the employees Blackfoot residents have come to know and become acquainted with will be returning, and the staff will bring their smiles and experience back to serve the customers.

Santillan has 20 years’ experience that he will bring with him as the doors open on Friday, and his co-manager, Jake Whiting, brings another seven years’ experience to the new opening giving this restaurant some of the most experienced managers in the Taco Time line of restaurants.

There will be some upgrades with new menu boards coming from corporate within the next year and other facelifts will likely be part of the transition.

The past several days have been spent cleaning and stocking inventory and re-organizing the staff to give the customer the best experience ever at Taco Time.