New Great Wall Express Chinese Food Location

A new Great Wall Express restaurant has opened at 408 S. Fourth Ave. in Pocatello.

POCATELLO — Three partners have opened a new Great Wall Express restaurant in Pocatello.

Bo Dong, Cindy Dong and Monique Kuo of Pocatello are partners in the new Chinese restaurant venture at 408 S. Fourth Ave. in Pocatello.

The Chinese food restaurant is right across the road from the always busy Albertsons in south Pocatello, according to Kuo, who is a niece of Bo Dong’s. So they like the new location and it’s handy for customers.

“It’s more convenient for the neighbors and students,” Kuo said.

The new site opened on June 18 after the three entrepreneurs took about three months to remodel the building to how they wanted it.

She says the new location — there’s already an existing Great Wall Express near Costco — is serving the demand for Chinese dishes in a new site.

Further, the new location is also not too far from Idaho State University, Century High School and Pocatello High School, according to Kuo, who’s lived in the community for over 20 years.

Kuo says she and Bo Dong, 60, and his daughter Cindy Dong, who have lived in Pocatello for years, agree that there is an untapped market for their recipes in the new location.

And Kuo believes it won’t be long until sales further pick up as area schools reopen for students.

And she adds that customers coming into the restaurant have been very nice and friendly.

Some have even come in from the Great Wall Express near Costco.

Overall the new restaurant has already received a steady stream of customers before ISU has even opened, and they have strong hopes for yet more business as returning students become more aware that there’s another Great Wall Express restaurant even closer to the university.

Those customers seem likely to find their way to the chicken and pork dish, which so far has been one of their most popular menu items, according to Kuo.

Plus, the restaurant offers both take-out foods and sit-down meals.

But Kuo says so far that the take-out orders are what’s most commonly used by customers of the new eatery.

Just having the new location where it is also offers improved convenience for area neighborhood residents in that respect.

Though this location is new and in a different area than the one at Costco, there are similar menus in both places, Kuo said.

In fact, Kuo also helps out at the Great Wall Express location near Costco — which has been open for over 10 years — when she’s not busy helping customers at the new location.

Overall there’s a great variety of dishes on the menu for the new location, she says.

This includes curry chicken with potato, beef broccoli, pineapple pork, General Tso’s chicken, teriyaki chicken, kung pao chicken, cheese crab, sesame chicken, barbecued pork, sweet and sour chicken, mushroom chicken, black pepper ribs, orange chicken and walnut shrimp.

Brent McLane of Shelley, who ate at the Great Wall Express across from Albertsons for the first time on Monday, said the helpings were generous and he enjoyed the black pepper pork rib that he ordered. He says he will come back.

A combination with any one item for an individual is $7.49, and any two items costs $8.49 and any three items cost $9.49.

And that includes a choice of steamed rice, fried rice or lo mein and a free drink or soup.

Several other menu dishes are also available at the new restaurant.

The phone number for the business is 208-380-8299.

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.