REXBURG — The Perf Scherf Parlour is the newest salon on the block, and it’s owned by 22-year-old Brooke Scherf and her husband, David.

Currently, David is a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying business. Brooke Scherf says he is constantly bringing his newly gained knowledge to their Rexburg parlor. She says what he’s learning there truly pertains to their personal lives and their future.

Brooke Scherf grew up in Las Vegas and went to beauty school during her junior and senior years of high school.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve done hair,” she said. “I love hair, and I’m one of those that wanted my own (place) and to do it how I want to. … I never found a place where I felt truly comfortable and to be myself so I decided to create a space like that here in Rexburg.”

Brooke Scherf said she’s worked in well-known salons in Las Vegas and Arizona.

“I don’t think it matters where you go to beauty school because what they’re trying to do is get you ready for state boards,” Scherf said. “And after state boards, it’s up to you. What you do with your life, what kind of hairdresser you want to be, what kind of hair styles you want to create is totally up to you. And that comes from classes and training and where you work.”

Scherf said what sets her salon apart from so many others in Rexburg is her clientele and the experience that her parlor offers.

“I want everyone to feel comfortable being here,” she said. “I feel like my focus is the college but also a little bit local, and I just want my business to be open to everybody. (It’s) the experience but also the trend. I really want to build a community and kind of build a movement, just bringing the beauty industry to Rexburg in a different way. And I guess how I’m doing that is the experience — bringing different trends, different styles and different techniques to the area that I’ve not really seen anywhere else.”

Scherf said they focus a lot on the accessories that they sell. They offer headbands, scarfs, hair clips and hair care items.

“From the second they walk in to the second they leave, we have the TV going, we have snacks, we have chargers for your phone,” she said. “We have everything included in that like a good head message and just really knowledgeable stylists that are super talented. And we’re sharing all of our knowledge with our clients.”

Scherf said that when looking for a location to create her parlor, the public and local businesses helped their dream come true. She said many helped them find their location and helped them with their opening.

Scherf said she loves their location because of the traffic flow, the old buildings, the local businesses next door and the Love mural outside.

She said they hope to repaint the Love mural and make it more modern but keep with the “Love” theme. She said they hope to make it a place where people — whether they be families, bloggers or social media influencers — feel comfortable taking photos.

Perf Scherf Parlour can be found at 56 College Ave. in Rexburg. Check out their website at for more information.