Hokulia Shave Ice shack

Employees Ellie Johnson, left, and Paige Austin stand by the Hokulia Shave Ice shack at the Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck near Panda Express.

CHUBBUCK — The popular Hokulia Shave Ice shack at the Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck is up for sale, according to co-owner Jessica Fritsch.

Fritsch, who’s operated the business with her husband, Bill, since 2016, says they’re looking to open a new location in Driggs, though that project is still in progress.

“I love being part of it and I love the business and I absolutely love the kids we have as employees,” she said. “They’re so fun.”

The business currently employs 13 youths. Paige Austin, 17, who’s in her third year of employment at the franchise business, says it’s a great place to work.

“I love it,” Austin said. “It’s such a good environment.”

Fritsch said the employees work well together.

“We have a really good team that enjoys working together and it makes a really big difference,” Frisch said.

But Fritsch and her husband just have other ventures they’d like to do, she said.

In addition to Hokulia, the couple also does catering in Victor.

Fritsch, who lives in Victor, said that would also put them closer to home and to catering events.

The trailer is operating in the parking lot of the Pine Ridge Mall again this year, near the Panda Express restaurant.

The Hokulia trailer, which opened on Friday, offers a host of shave ice confections and flavor options.

The business is gaining traction after opening May 15 in the wake of Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s reopening decision.

“We had a steady amount of people throughout the day, which was really nice considering the weather,” Fritsch said.

The business offers a host of shave ice confections and flavor options.

And it will have tables out soon, Fritsch said.

“We are allowed to have our tables back up and have people sit,” she said.

People also like relaxing in the grass there.

“It’s a friendly hangout spot that we have lots of families that come together and hang out and the kids play,” Fritsch said.

That was the goal.

“We were hoping for it to be a gathering place where people would come and just have a break from everything,” she said.

Plus, the shack now offers drive-thru service.

The trailer has been repositioned so the window faces south. So that allows vehicles to directly drive next to the trailer and order through the window.

Then motorists are assigned a parking stall and an employee bring the treats out to them in their cars. Employees wear masks while on duty.

“We’ve gotten really good feedback on the drive-up,” Fritsch said. “They really liked having the drive-up.

She says she hears from many of the customers of Hokulia.

“Our customers are awesome and we tend to get to know them because they do like to see how we’re doing and we like to talk to them to see how they’re doing,” she said.

Fritsch said the shack will be open this year for three months to three and a-half months. Then it will close in time for students to get ready for school.

Find more information about Hokulia on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hokuliapocatello/