New Life Nutrition Lounge
Amy and Eric Meyers are pictured in their business, New Life Nutrition Lounge, at 624 E. Benton St. in Pocatello. 

POCATELLO — Brownie batter. Fruity pebbles. Banana cream pie. For those who love sweet flavors but also want to watch the scale, New Life Nutrition Lounge has healthy shakes and clean energy drinks that’ll curb the cravings while also providing nutrients and health benefits, says Amy Meyers, who co-owns the business with her husband, Eric.

The Meyerses, who opened up their health lounge at 624 E. Benton St. back in January and who also own Idaho Nutrition Now on 160 E. Griffith St., wanted to bring another location to the area where people could get the best of both worlds.

“I just kind of loved the idea of creating a space where people could come in and … get a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Amy, who also owned a coffee shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, for about four years. “Everything that we have has health benefits and I just loved the idea of having a positive place where people could get healthy products and drinks.”

While the lounge and Idaho Nutrition Now do have slightly different menu options, Amy said that everything the two businesses serve uses Herbalife products, which is a nutrition company that’s been around for about 40 years.

One of the Meyerses’ popular products includes meal replacement shakes, which come in dozens of flavors ranging from cherry almond oatmeal to orange creamsicle to peppermint mocha, with each shake about 200 calories each.

“All of our shakes that look like dessert, they taste like dessert,” Amy said. “But they’re all 24 grams of protein, about 200 calories, and they have all your essential vitamins and nutrients for a nutritious meal so you’re actually getting a full meal. And they taste so good and they’re really good for you.”

Eric further explained that the shakes provide a good alternative for those who crave cold treats but are trying to eat healthier.

“I’m an ice cream junky and so being able to switch over … to make a shake that’s just the equivalent that’s not all sugar and fat and all that stuff is awesome,” Eric said. “I love my shakes.”

Also on the menu are their clean energy drinks, which Amy explained are loaded with vitamins and help with mental clarity and focus while also helping customers avoid the dreaded jitters or mental crash one might get from sugar-loaded energy drinks.

“We have quite a few students who notice a difference in their tests and their homework after using (the clean energy drinks),” she said.

In addition to meal replacement shakes, they have a fitness line of pre-workout and post-workout drinks, as well as teas that Amy says will help people relax. They also sell canisters that customers can take home to make at their own leisure.

Amy said that they’ve had customers who’ve not just noticed an internal difference to their health, but also a physical change as well.

“There’s one of our team members (who has) lost over 100 pounds and she started out by coming in and saying, ‘I just want to see what this does’,” Amy said. “And she lost 10 pounds in the first month coming in for two shakes … one day a week. And she’s two years in and she’s lost about 100 pounds and she’s maintained steady (weight).”

Amy continued, “I have another customer who just started coming in every day for breakfast and after I think it was two and half months she came in and said, ‘I realized this morning my belt loop is three spots over,’ and she said she’s going pants shopping this weekend. So just things like that people are noticing how things work and doing the clean energy and nutrition.”

Opening their business in January when COVID-19 first started to make itself known proved to be a challenge, especially when the economy was shut down in March. However, they noticed that while their in-store traffic decreased, many customers were ordering canisters to take home.

“That was actually our biggest month this year was March when COVID hit by a lot,” Amy said. “Because people still wanted to get their stuff without leaving home. So we saw a decrease here but a big increase of in-home use of the products.”

Because their original opening for New Life Nutrition Now Lounge was dampened somewhat by the virus, the Meyers said they’re planning to hold a ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. Thursday and have a grand opening on December 5.

They also offer deliveries when available, and just suggest that people call in and ask about the service if interested.

For anyone interested in learning more, contact 970-213-3205 or visit their Facebook pages New Life Nutrition Lounge and The INN Idaho Nutrition Now.

Overall, Amy and Eric wanted their products to help people with their health, mind and body, and are pleased when they see how they have helped those in the community.

“I love it when customers come in here and are like, ‘What are you having, I had this last week it was so good’ and it’s just been cool,” Amy said. “And … I’ve seen an increase of people working at home coming in more often because it helps them as they’re at home and it helps them focus more on what they’re doing and they feel like they’re more productive. It’s awesome.”