Stag Electric LLC

Stag Electric LLC installs a pump panel last month.

When American Falls natives Miguel Olmedo and Eduardo Reyes noticed a need in the community for bilingual electricians ready to tackle any task large or small, they decided to power up a local business that could fill this need, and in this decision Stag Electric LLC was born.

Olmedo and Reyes, who attended Idaho State University’s College of Technology Workforce Training electrician apprenticeship program together, opened Stag Electric back in August and say that since then they’ve had a busy flow of traffic.

“It’s been really constant non-stop so far,” said Reyes. “We’re thankful for the community around here. A lot of people are wanting to support us because they know both of us are from American Falls and both graduated from high school here. … It feels good to be able to come and have people know our names. A lot of people are happy to see what we’re doing and it makes it easier for us to want to come and help here.”

Olmedo and Reyes explained that because several residents of American Falls speak primarily Spanish, they wanted to ensure that all residents were able to be serviced by a business that understood what they were asking and what they needed.

“I speak most Spanish and Miguel understands it, so when somebody has a problem … they can feel comfortable when they can talk to somebody that knows their language,” Reyes said. “They don’t have to feel like when they’re communicating with somebody and go, ‘Well, I don’t think he understood what I said or I don’t think he’s going to come.’ So that’s a big reason is to give back to the community and help out the people … in the local area.”

Their skills are also multi-faceted in that they’ve had experience in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial areas, and because of this Olmedo said they’re able to tackle many different types of jobs.

“We’ve done it all,” Olmedo said. “We’ve worked in the plant out here at Lamb Weston when I was in the trade, I worked at Chobani’s big old yogurt plant down in Twin Falls, and then I’ve worked big commercial jobs like building (a) Home Depot and Lowe’s and then all the way down to tenant spaces for Pizza Huts and restaurants and houses. So kind of the whole variety.”

Another reason they created Stag Electric was to open up an electrician business that was local and willing to take on jobs of any size, since they’ve seen a need for more electrical contractors in the area who are open to taking on the challenging or undesirable tasks.

“Through time I’ve seen customer service, I’ve seen other contractors who don’t want to do that small stuff, you know, like … crawling through the attics and stuff,” Reyes said. “I mean we look at it like an opportunity. The stuff that they’re passing up is the stuff we can pick up and don’t mind doing. We enjoy our jobs so it doesn’t bother us.”

In order to serve the areas of American Falls, Rockland, Aberdeen, Pocatello and Blackfoot, they take on 24/7 service calls and offer free estimates.

“At the end of the day and we find a customer and they go, “Ah man, I’m so happy you guys showed up and got everything working again.’ That’s what puts a smile on our faces and help us go home pretty happy with what we do,” Reyes said.

For those interested in their services or learning more, visit their Facebook page at Stag Electric LLC. They can be reached at either 208-241-6480 or 208-339-1233 or