If you're looking to quench your thirst while traveling through Southeast Idaho, check out Fizeez in Montpelier.

MONTPELIER — Who knew that one small shack could offer such a grand selection?

Opened in September 2017, specialty drink shop Fizeez has become an experience for both locals and customers who love to satisfy their thirst while experimenting with taste. Given a wide variety of flavors and mixture options, customers can slurp up anything ranging from smoothies to coffee to Italian sodas to lemonade and more. Their hunger cravings can also be tended to with cookies, brownies, pretzels and nachos.

Fizeez’s birth stemmed from a demand for a drink stand in Montpelier, an opportunity that owners Adam and Whitney Johnson decided to snatch up.

“There was an opportunity to create a business in a developing community,” Adam said. “People were saying, ‘We don’t have this,’ and I thought we could create a business to satisfy customers.”

After this, Adam, who has had five years of experience in the soft drinks field at PepsiCo, built the shop from the ground up with the help of his family.

The shop’s variety shows the couple's dedication to their decision. Although there are classic drink staples such as the Lime Rickey and Tiger’s Blood, there are also mixtures that the Johnsons concocted themselves.

Just a few of these include the Water Slide drink, which is a mixture of Mountain Dew, peach, and coconut cream flavoring, and the Buzz Light Year drink, which is made up of 7 Up, blue raspberry and Sour Patch Kids candy.

Thirsty yet?

Yet the Johnsons don’t just try to satisfy their customer’s cravings. They try to satisfy their interests as well. On Facebook, they hold giveaways during holidays and special occasions to reach a broader customer base and to invite interest towards their shop.

“We promote as much as we can on Facebook,” Adam said. “In November, we gave Thanksgiving dinners away with a turkey and a gift card to a grocery store. We also do teacher and nurse appreciation days, Christmas giveaways, and (in the past) on Halloween if people came to our shop with a costume on they got an amount off their purchase.”

All of this promotion also ties in with one of Adam’s favorite things about the shop — the customers.

“It’s the level of customer relations,” he said. “With some large businesses, all you do is order your food and that’s all there is…but at this level, you get to have friendships and you get to build an interest with people who come by.”

Although summer is their busy season, Fizeez is open all year long and offers hot drinks in addition to coffee such as hot chocolate, steamed milk and cider. Like their sodas, these also come with a huge variety of flavors that can be swirled into these drinks, and some notable options include huckleberry, brown sugar cinnamon and peanut butter cup.

It all comes down to the Johnsons' love for their customers.

“We are always grateful for customer appreciation,” Adam said.

Fizeez is located at 101 N. Fourth St. in Montpelier and is currently open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.