Fall River Propane

Pictured is a Fall River Propane delivery truck. The propane company, which is based out of Ashton, has a new general manager.

ASHTON — David McKinnon has replaced JT Hill as general manager at Fall River Propane, an extension formed in 1990 as a part of Fall River Electric. McKinnon has been involved in propane for 22 years and helped start up a propane division for a farm supply cooperative in Blackfoot.

McKinnon and his wife, Joy, met while they were both working at a Pizza Hut. Together they have eight children — five of whom are married, one who's a sophomore at Idaho State University, one who's a senior in high school and another in the seventh grade. The McKinnons will be relocating from Firth to the Ashton area.

McKinnon, who was largely raised in Firth and graduated from Snake River High School, said that his favorite part of working with propane is that it’s portable and available to any place that doesn’t have access to natural gas but it can still provide the same benefits.

According to McKinnon, propane is an ideal, American energy source that’s clean, efficient and can provide quick heat for a variety of needs like heating water, cooking, working a fireplace without the soot, and outside work as well for things like heating a patio or grilling.

“In a lot of places, it’s even being used as fuel for cars because it burns so easy and efficiently,” McKinnon said. “Fall River is a good quality company that’s concerned about their customers’ safety and being able to provide them with the energy they need at the best possible price they can. Their tagline is ‘experience the difference,’ and I think people see that because they really focus on taking care of their members.”

Fall River Propane, although an extension of the co-op, provides propane services to those who aren’t members of the co-op as well, with their reach stretching from Sugar City to West Yellowstone, and Island Park to Teton Valley down to County Line Road in Jefferson County.

“It’s simple to switch once we get an account set up and then get them on the schedule with one of our trained personnel who will take care of them from there,” McKinnon said. “We have numerous programs they can take advantage of depending on what their needs are.”

Ted Austin, marketing manager for Fall River Propane, said that one cool aspect of the company is that for those who are members of the electricity co-op, the company is owned by the people they serve.

“The profit we make goes back to the electric utility and any profit that makes is dispersed to its members,” Austin said. “They buy from a company they own. It's just a great company and business to work for. The customers are always at the top of list of importance — they’re not just selling propane.”

Those interested in getting started with or switching to Fall River Propane can visit fallriverpropane.com or call 800-623-5726.

“We cover the entire Upper Valley and we’ll take care of anyone who needs our services,” McKinnon said.