Hemming Village

Hemming Village

An outlook of the Hemming Village area.

REXBURG − A clothing store and a cookie shop will be taking up space inside Hemming Village.

Richie Webb, president and managing partner for Hemming Village, said they will be filling two vacancies with Crumbl Cookies and DownEast Outfitters.

“Crumbl Cookies, is coming to Hemming Village,” Webb said. “We are very excited. We expect to be under construction within the next 30 days and have the build completed by the end of the year. (We) expect to be opening late this year or next year.”

He said Crumbl Cookies is going in the vacant space next to Gator Jack’s.

“We’ve been working with them probably for eight months off and on,” Webb said. “We had some interest in this market, and Crumbl Cookie is growing rapidly. They have 40 stores open, or close to open. A Lot of their growth came in the last year.

Webb said they have several locations in southeast Idaho that include Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

“Rexburg became the logical next step as they looked at expansion opportunities,” Webb said. “We feel that (because of our location) and (our) other stores and restaurants, Crumbl Cookies will be a very nice addition to our lineup.”

Webb was told by Crumbl Cookies that there have been several parties that were interested in the Rexburg area but it was a matter of perfect timing that made it possible for them to move into the Hemming Village.

“I am personally a fan of Crumbl Cookies,” he said. “I walked into their store in St. George about a year and a half ago and had not been in a Crumbl Cookies location before, at that time. We liked how the cookies tasted, we liked the presentation, we liked their employees interaction and how they operated. The experience was very positive for us. After that, we went to a couple of other locations that they had and made a decision then that it would be a great asset for Hemming and our community.”

Webb said Crumbl Cookies does an excellent job of marketing and has a large following on social media. They have a variety of cookies that they change out on a regular basis, he said.

“We feel it will be very successful,” Webb said.

In the meantime, DownEast Outfitters will be taking the retail space formerly leased by LuLu Bella.

Webb said the owner of the boutique had family matters to attend to and decided to close her Rexburg location. She plans to move it to Burley where her other location is currently. The retailer closed its doors in Hemming Village last weekend.

DownEast Outfitters will be an apparel only location. They’ll start making modifications in October, and have no exact opening date.

Webb says they do have one more space for lease. They have two tenants they are working with but nothing has been decided on yet.

“Overall we’re very pleased with the response from the community and the students to Hemming Village and the different offerings that we have available,” Webb said. “It has so far been very successful. We’re excited about what’s happening in Rexburg. With the growth of the university and community, our timing of our projects have been instep with the city and where things are going. We’re just excited and happy to be apart of Rexburg and the growth of BYU-Idaho.”