The “Weaving Webs” show was performed at the Elgin, Illinois, fringe festival.

POCATELLO — Julie Leir-VanSickle of Creative Moves will be performing her multi-media interactive performance piece “Weaving Webs” at 7 p.m. Aug. 2 and 3 at The College Market, 604 S. Eighth Ave. in Pocatello.

Admission is pay what you can, with a suggested donation of $5 to $15. All ages are welcome. The proceeds from the performance will go toward travel expenses to Canada, where the piece will be performed as part of the 2019 Nanaimo Fringe Festival. Fringe festivals happen all over the world with performances from many different artists and encourage risk-taking and experimentation.

“Weaving Webs” has also been performed at the Elgin Fringe Festival in Illinois where it received the Producer’s Award, and at the 2018 Dragon Fyre Faire Renaissance and Fantasy Festival in Soda Springs.

The piece was originally created as a short dance number for an Old Town Actors Studio variety show and was then expanded to a full-length performance for the Elgin Fringe Festival. It explores connection and community in a variety of ways, which makes the unusual setting of a local coffee shop the perfect place to share the performance.

The description of “Weaving Webs” is: “And what sort of web shall we weave? Threads that tie us together in connection, tangled up together in the web of creation. Part multi-media solo dance performance, part experimental interactive participatory temporary art installation. Let’s spin something new together.”

With Creative Moves, Leir-VanSickle creates multi-media, interactive and experimental performances that engage a sense of curiosity and play. She is interested in exploring non-traditional performance spaces and creating experiences for the audience to share both with her and each other. She has been studying, teaching and performing dance and theater for more than 20 years and has been traveling and performing at festivals all over the United States for the past five years. The Nanaimo Fringe Festival will be her first international performance.