Bryce Angell

Bryce Angell

Corey had too many crowing roosters in his flock. If he didn’t stop their crowing, they would meet the chopping block.

So, he kindly asked us if we needed roosters on our place. I answered, “That would be just fine, but can the roosters race?”

Our friend seemed taken back but said, “These roosters run dang fast!” I had to wonder just how long these rooster’s lives would last.

We told him everyday at dawn, a mother fox comes out. We watch her dig for rodents then she dives in with her snout.

And if I were a red fox, I’d eat the roosters without fail. The roosters gotta taste much better than a rodent tail.

Our friend said, “These ole roosters fly, should even up the score.” But I figured if we dumped ‘em home, they’d be fox meat for sure.

So, we brought two roosters home transported in a cardboard box. I swear the roosters were much dumber than a sack of rocks.

‘Cuz they set about to crowing, all day long, while on their walks. But little did they know their crow was calling in the fox.

I’d say it was around midday, we heard a rooster squawk. Then saw the feathers flying. Left us standing there in shock.

We watched the sly old fox chomp down the rooster for her meal. The rooster’s fate was given but it all seemed so surreal.

The second rooster took to flight. He was getting out of there. But the red fox made a leap and caught the rooster in midair.

I must admit the fox’s swift and prime agility, came as no surprise but left me breathless just to see.

We had witnessed Mother Nature. The fox would live another day. And it only took a minute. We are roosterless, you’d say.

Bryce Angell has lived around horses all his entire life and is a retired registered nurse who still works part time at Ashton Living Center.