Bryce Angell

Bryce Angell

Jackson Palmer raised his hand and breathed a loud exhale. He was bidding on a young bull at the Angus Farms Bull Sale.

The auctioneer said, “Take him.” Jackson outbid all the rest. His good wife Jana hugged him. Said,”Let’s put him to the test.”

The bull sale was a grand success. Served prime rib for the meal. With bellies full the Palmers loaded up their bull sale deal.

Jackson drove on home while Jana figured out the books. She said, “The price was fair. Let’s see how all his offspring looks.”

Gabby was the youngest of the Palmer family. She said, “Let’s name him Chubby. He looks overweight to me.”

So, Chubby he was given and forget his purebred name. He was ‘bout to start his legacy, one for the books of fame.

They drove on through the pasture, backed up to the cattle gate. Then turned their prize bull out to an expected happy fate.

The Palmers stood astonished, every face with raised eyebrows. ‘Cuz Chubby didn’t show an interest in the angus cows.

They had to wonder was he sick or just a bull’s off day? In all their years they’d never seen a bull who’d act that way.

Jana called ol’ Sam, the vet. Said, “We could use you here. Maybe you can show us how to get our bull in gear.”

Then Sam checked out their Chubby. Said, “He’s eatin’, drinkin’ fine. Bring an older cow who looks like she’s on borrowed time.”

Jackson found an older cow. She’d been open for a while. Soon Chubby gained his courage. Said Sam, “I saw him smile.”

Next day the vet was musing ‘bout what happened in the corral. And how the bull passed by the young cows for an older gal.

Ol’ Sam in all his shameless smile said, “Next time try this trick. Gussy up the young cows with some old-gal red lipstick.

Bryce Angell has lived around horses all his entire life and is a retired registered nurse who still works part time at Ashton Living Center.