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Jackson Palmer raised his hand and breathed a loud exhale. He was bidding on a young bull at the Angus Farms Bull Sale.

Well, Lord I’m getting’ up in years and soon you’ll call me home. So, now I hope you’re listenin’ while I kneel here all alone.

Each Christmas Eve our grandma’s home was filled with family. We all knew what the next day was and waited anxiously.

I woke up Monday morning right at eight o’clock daylight. I stoked the fire then stepped outside to face the winter’s bite.

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My grandson pinched his nose as he was gagging every breath. I swear he acted like he might just suffocate to death.

We gobbled down our bread and gravy, readied for the game. One cowboy’d hit the covers. ‘Twas a doggone dirty shame.

Steve and Marcus Eaton performed together and separately in the sold-out Black Box Theatre at the Stephens Performing Arts Center this past Sa…

One thing I’ll never do is tell you how to raise your kid. Lord knows that raising children was the toughest thing I did.