Maj. Gen. Gary Sayler, Idaho National Guard commander, today announced the postponement of monthly training for members of the Idaho Army National Guard and Idaho Air National Guard.  “Due to the uncertainty caused by the current government shutdown, we have no choice but to postpone this important monthly training,” he said.

Here is the current plan for Citizen Soldiers and Citizen Airmen to make up this training:

Idaho Army National Guard – Unit training assemblies throughout the State of Idaho have been postponed for this weekend, 5-6 October.  It’s now scheduled for 19-20 October, assuming the government shutdown has ended by then.  If that’s not the case, we will put out another announcement.

Idaho Air National Guard – Unit training assembly has been cancelled for this weekend, 5-6 October.  Once the government has been funded, we will determine individual plans for making up the 2-day period.  We expect to have more information before November’s drill (assuming the government shutdown has ended by then).

The National Guard has a dual mission, providing trained and equipped units to the states to protect life and property and to the nation in order to defend the United States and its interests worldwide.  Monthly training is the way in which we ensure our men and women are trained to conduct these vital missions.