Clark County Sheriff’s Office officials indicated Thursday that the 17-year-old who was injured at the Beaver Creek Farm, north of Idaho Falls, did not accidentally shoot himself while removing a .22-caliber rifle that had a round in the chamber from the back seat of a car.

    Authorities said an individual has been incarcerated in connection with this incident and charged with felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. During the investigation, it was determined that the 17- year-old had been accidentally shot by another person who falsely identified himself as being 21 years in age.

    No names are being released to the public at this time.   

    After verifying the age of the accused, the charges were filed within the juvenile court system.

    The minor was also transferred from the Clark County Jail to the 5C juvenile detention facility. 

    The attorney for the 17-year-old has asked the case to be sealed due to the age of the suspect. Therefore, authorities cannot release any other information at this time.