POCATELLO — Authorities are asking for the public’s help in identifying who the driver of a black vehicle is who was spotted in the Highland High School area recently stealing mail.

    Pocatello Police Department officials have received several complaints associated with stolen mail, according to a news release.

    The thief, or thieves, take outgoing mail with checks in them, “wash” the checks using chemicals that remove the ink and insert their name and a desired amount. Authorities say the falsified checks have random names in the pay to the order section and that they have been cashed at various locations in Pocatello.

    Officials encourage anyone who observes a person suspiciously removing mail from a mailbox to contact them by dialing (208) 234-6100. They also recommend that people do not leave outgoing mail for long periods of time. The other alternative is to drop such mail off at a United States Postal Service drop-box location.