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  • KIMBERLEE KRUESI, Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho's politics may run red but the city of Boise is known as being the Gem State's few Democratic strongholds. This was highlighted Wednesday when it was announced Boise Mayor David Bieter was on Air Force One as a guest of President Barack Obama's while flying to Idaho.

  • Dr. Bill Barton Idaho State Veterinarian News release

BOISE – The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) has initiated a multi-agency investigation following the confirmation of a highly pathogenic strain of the avian influenza virus (HPAI), originating from wild waterfowl, in western and southern Idaho.

  • By David Ashby

POCATELLO — It’s been said that some of the best backcountry skiing and snowboarding in Southeast Idaho can be found on the eastern-facing slope of the Portneuf Range, opposite the Pebble Creek Ski Area.