POCATELLO — An inmate at the Pocatello Woman’s Correctional Center in Pocatello is facing a new felony charge after allegedly spitting in the face of a correctional officer.

    Angie Marie Trujillo is currently serving 15 years in the PWCC on a 2008 conviction of sexual abuse of a child under 16. In April, according to reports, she was being moved from one area of the PWCC to another when the alleged incident occurred.

    As part of that transfer, to ensure there is no movement of contraband from one area of the prison to another, the inmate is thoroughly searched. It was during that search, when she was receiving orders from a correction officer, that Trujillo is alleged to have turned and spit in the face of that officer.

    Propelling bodily fluids at a law enforcement officer is a felony in Idaho punishble by up to five years in prison and must be served consecutively to any sentence currently being served.

    On Monday, after the completion of a mental health evaluation that deemed Trujillo competent to face the new charge, she was arraigned in district court where she pleaded not guilty. Her trial was set for Oct. 15.